Use the CocoBed as a growing medium for your edible microgreens

                 Organic ・Sustainable ・Healthy・Compostable

Simple steps to grow microgreens

  • Wash CocoBed in water gently first for about 1 minute to remove debris

  • Place in a container or on a plate. They fit takeaway containers perfectly! 

  • Sprinkle UrbanSproutz all-organic seeds evenly on top and spray with water (filtered if you have it).
  • Use about 1 to 1.5 teaspoons of smaller seeds (Kale, Purple Kohlrabi, Rocket, Jade Pak Choy, Lucky Clover ...etc) per CocoBed. For Radishes, spread seeds a little more thinly as they are bigger and need space.
  • One 30g packet of seeds should last 8-10 CocoBed grows, so its very economicalSpray Micros_2
  • Place in dark for 3 days, spraying thoroughly daily. Seeds should always be moist!
    You must cover your container or place in a box/ cupboard - as long as it is completely dark.
  • Yeah, so there is no picture here as its really dark. As it should be :)
    • Day 4 remove from blackout - microgreens should be 5cm high and yellowYellow Micros
    • Note: If you see something that looks like mould at the bottom of your micros, most likely it is root hairs. It is white and fluffy and freaks a lot of first-time growers out. We get a lots of questions about this. See our You Tube channel (search for "Urban Sproutz") and a video on exactly this.
    • Place in a bright and breezy position (not direct sun) and water roots daily.
    • No more spraying - just ensure the roots are sitting in 1-2mm of water.
    • Use a cup or small watering device to trickle water down the side of your container to lightly flood the container floor 1-2mm (not cm!).

    Green Micros


    • Days 7-10 harvest by cutting slightly above the Coco Bed !

    Cutting Micros_2


    • Day 7 -10 use what you need and eat raw with your meals.

    Micros on breakfast

    • ENJOY this nutrient-rich superfood.  Congratulations Urban Farmer! 

    Now Available direct from the US : 

    For extra umph, use  Ocean Solution Plant Food (approved for organic use) to give micros extra nutrients when watering after day 3. Remember it is concentrated so (as a rule of thumb) use 10ml Ocean Solution in a syringe and add to 1 litre of water. Or half both quantities. 

    We recommend using a new Coco Bed every grow for freshness.

    Recycle Coco Bed after use by cutting up and putting in pots / garden soil. Also use broken in pieces as a base in pots to stop soil from seeping through when watered. 

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    Happy Growing !!
    The UrbanSproutz Team