Use the CocoBed as a growing medium for your edible microgreens

                 Organic ・Sustainable ・Healthy・Compostable

Simple steps to grow microgreens

  • Wash CocoBed in water gently first for about 1 minute to remove debris

  • Place in a container or on a plate. They fit takeaway containers perfectly! 

Spray Micros_2

  • Place in dark for 3 days, spraying daily. Seeds should be always moist! 
    You must cover your container or place in a box/ cupboard - as long as it is completely dark.
  • Yeah, so there is no picture here as its really dark. As it should be!

    • Day 4 remove from blackout - microgreens should be 5cm high and yellow
    Yellow Micros

    • Place in a bright and breezy position (not direct sun) and water roots daily

    Green Micros


    • Day 7-10 harvest by cutting slightly above the Coco Bed !

    Cutting Micros_2


    • Day 7 -10 use what you need and eat raw with your meals.

    Micros on breakfast

    • ENJOY this nutrient-rich superfood.  Congratulations Urban Farmer! 

    Now Available direct form the US : 

    For extra umph use organic certified Organic Ocean Plant Food for plant nutrients when watering after day 3. Remember it is concentrated so (as a rule of thumb) use 10ml Ocean Solution in a syringe and add to 1 litre of water. Or half both quantities. 

    We recommend using a new Coco Bed every grow for freshness.

    Recycle Coco Bed after use by cutting up and putting in pots / garden soil.

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    Happy Growing !!
    The UrbanSproutz Team